Transforming the diagnosis, surveillance,

and treatment of pathogens

GenoTwin is a next-generation genomics platform that combines leading genomics expertise with data science to transform the detection of pathogens and our understanding of individual immune responses to them. We envision a future where data-rich pathogen and immuno-surveillance are a part of the public health fabric, ushering in an era of precision medicine and enlightened policy-making.

The Current Landscape

Traditional pathogen tests (e.g., RT-PCR) do not provide the critical information that clinicians, public health officials, and researchers need to fully guide their decisions.


Traditional pathogen tests:

Address only one or a few pathogens at a time

Provide only binary results

Can require numerous and expensive follow-up tests to pinpoint the true source of infection

Cannot detect novel or rare pathogens

Say nothing about the patient's response to a pathogen

A next-generation solution

GenoTwin combines cutting-edge capabilities in genomics, artificial intelligence, and computational biology to address the limitations of traditional testing.  

We arm medical professionals, public health officials, and researchers with powerful testing insights to diagnose, monitor, and precision-treat pathogens and pathogen-based cancers.


For Clinicians

A dramatically enhanced view to support rapid diagnosis and treatment guidance

여자 & 의사

Comprehensive Pathogen Detection in a Single Test

In a single tissue test, we can identify thousands of microbes, including pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Microbiome Characterization

We can characterize the complex multi-microbial environment, including commensal bacteria, to infer health-associated microbiome signatures.

Immune characterization

We provide a comprehensive characterization of an individual's immunity, whether in response to a pathogen or simply at a point in time. A patient's disease course can have as much to do with the patient's own immune system as it does with the pathogen. Our diagnostic simultaneously characterizes both pathogen and host, the two interlocking determinants of disease progression.

For Public Health Organizations

We build powerful tools to monitor and manage the emergence and spread of pathogens


'Early Warning' of Novel Pathogens

Our capabilities can identify the emergence of novel pathogens, helping public health officials address and control them rapidly.

Geographic Spread and Mutation

With the ability to identify thousands of microbes in a single tissue sample, we can provide a continuous, geo-temporal view of pathogen movement and evolution. We can identify virulent strains and identify transmission chains via genetic sleuthing in a way that is impossible with traditional PCR testing.