We are currently growing our team and hiring for the following position:

Genomics Scientist

We are currently seeking a genomics scientist to join our growing team.  The position involves developing algorithms to process genomic data, searching for statistical associations among large datasets and assorted research topics related to next-generation sequencing.

Preferred candidates will have several of the following attributes:

  • Master's or Ph.D. in the sciences

  • Strong competence in mathematics and statistics

  • Experience in genomics and dealing with genomic data and/or familiarity with biology

  • Knowledge of immunology

  • Knowledge of virology

  • Computational skills desired (we use Python, AWS, docker, and all the usual bioinformatic tools)


We value those who possess the innate curiosity, creativity, collaborative nature and willingness to take on significant responsibility to help us solve complex health challenges. While our team is small, you will have an opportunity to work with leaders in this field.  

*Authorization to work in the U.S. is required.

To respond to this post, you can email us directly at:

Programmer / Developer

We are currently looking for a Programmer/Developer to join our team.  The position involves building dynamic websites and code-rich data visualizations. We are open to generalists but are particularly interested in the following skill set:

  • Python

  • Django

  • Javascript

  • Data visualization tools (e.g., d3.js)


Other skills that will be useful are: AWS, GIS, Git, docker.  We are seeking somebody who is intellectually curious, able to learn on the job, independently motivated, and willing to work hard to help us build leading edge genomics solutions.  

*Authorization to work in the U.S. is required.

To respond to this post, you can email us directly at: